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About TWG

The Wolf Guard is one of the oldest guilds on Runtotem EU. First founded in 2006 as a small, friendly group of players, we quickly grew into a medium sized guild, capable of overcoming any obstacle that World of Warcraft threw at us. TWG are proud to be part of the Horde and equally proud of our good reputation. We have a strong social atmosphere, with members that contribute to our progress and success, by sharing knowledge and experience, or by giving a helping hand or advice when needed. Our focus is on PvE Questing, with progression towards end game content. There’s also a little PvP, just to keep things interesting. We seek members, who are 18+, have a mature outlook with a sense of loyalty and commitment, are good at playing their class and have an ability to mix well socially. So if you want to leave your mark on Azeroth, join us and make history with The Wolf Guard at your side.