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“For the strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack.” Rudyard Kipling.


• To provide a friendly and supportive environment in which players are able to group easily with other members for instances, raids or arenas.
• To share information or advice on game play, professions or class.
• To support in the assistance of equipping, developing of skills, questing and levelling of members main characters.
• To develop a sense of pride in the individual and the whole pack.
• To have fun and enjoy the gaming experience.


• As a group we are always working towards the growth and development of our guild.
• We want keen, enthusiastic, regular players to develop a well equipped, small scale tactical group.
• Based on trust and friendship and the desire to work together as a well co-ordinated team, whose goal is to further the best interests of the pack, not just the individual.
• We seek to equip players, to accomplish team goals.


• We are an all inclusive guild and do not advocate discrimination in any form. This includes members Sex, Race, Age, Disability, Sexual Orientation, Religion or Beliefs.
• We believe The Wolf Guard members deserve a home where members feel safe, secure and can enjoy spending their spare time amongst people who respect them.
• Any member who persistently causes offense or harassment will be kicked from the guild. Remember that your actions reflect upon the guild as a whole.
• Ideally our members will be friendly, generous, respectful, considerate, patient and helpful to other guild members and also to those they encounter in the game.
• Our reputation will be our best recruiting tool and will encourage others to join us, be our friends and our allies.

DATE FOUNDED: 12th August 2006
Rokhan: Site Admin:26/11/07

Rokhan Skullmauler
Chief of Clan Skullmauler
Founder of The Wolf Guard

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