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Thunderlord Clan

"Clan Colours" - Grogg, Rokhan & Grimjaw

Rok's Wolf Pack!

Keeping watch from High Mountain.

Earning the trust of a Wolfhawk

I will defy the Gods!!!

Who's the best shot?

HEY!!! I shoot the arrows!!

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The Orc capital city of Orgimmar

Wowhead News
Fetching rss feed...
  Rokhan: Shadowlands is draining the life from me..... HELP!!!
  Rokhan: CONNECTED REALMS: Arathor, Hellfire, Kilrogg, Nagrand, Runetotem.
  Rokhan: Maybe we'll stoke up the fire and welcome some old friends home....?
  Rokhan: I'm still hunting in Azeroth :-)
  Rokhan: Time to tidy up the website and forums.....Yay!
  Rokhan: Still here, still hunting!!
  Rokhan: Legion is such good fun!!
  Rokhan: I'm still here wolves, come join me in the hunt|!
  Soyono: Belated congratz to the wolves!
  Rokhan: Happy Wolf's Day to all members of The Wolf Guard. We are a whole big ten today!! :-)
  Deyshast: if you have the money spare, just as well get the Collector's Edition
  Soyono: Should I, or should I not get the Collector's Edition? :)
  Rokhan: Gratz on getting your legendary cloak Dey :)
  Rott: Oh. Gratz :)
  Deyshast: WOOOHOOO!!! XD
  Deyshast: Would just like to say that i have just managed to obtain my legendary cloak :)
  Kalinos : yes and the new cinematic is beyonfd awesome i cannot wait for warlords now ...its gonna epic and i cant wait to share it with the wolfies
  Kalinos : hey all may not be around so much over the weekend as ive got my minions until sunday may try and pop on late evenings to say howdy ..zug zug
  Rokhan: It was utterly amazing, the orcs are the most life like we've ever seen, makes me so excited about the Warcraft Movie release in 2016
  Deyshast: another great job
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